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Achieving ones goals

Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears. -Les Brown

I’m reminded of the old adage after reading this that if you want something then work for it. But some may feel like

they have become stuck in one way or another where dreams may have become unattainable. However, the simplicity of not working for something and living one’s fears is so much easier and paralyzing that it creates a

pattern for others to see and follow. If that’s is something that you don’t want and if reaching a goal or living your

dream is something that you do want, then ask yourself this.

What stopping me from achieving my goals? What smaller steps can I take to help move me towards my goals? How can you stay motivated everyday? Who do I have around me that can help keep me motivated? What will I do when (not if) I reach my goals?

These are only some useful questions to ask yourself, answering them is key to our need to make a difference. Remember that every dream and goal is a quest and that you may need to take smaller side quest in life to help continue the journey along to your achievements. We all have it within our selves to achieve, so in the words of Mr. Labeouf “JUST DO IT

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